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About Rajashree Nagare.

A journey of Ambition, Determination, Dedication with 32 Years of Experience!

Founder and Proprietor of PRANIT COMPUTER EDUCATION.



Resourceful, Hardworking, Positive Mindset, Calm under pressure, Curious about learning new things, teaching ability.

About Rajashree Nagare.

She completed her B.A from Pune University and B.Ed from Mumbai University.

She is a Google Certified Educator and has done MS-CIT, GCC-TBC certifications as well as the Government Commercial Certificate for English, Marathi, and Hindi typing.

Since 1988, she has been in charge of Chhaya Commercial Institute (C.C.I) and afterward Proprietor since 2001. She has been serving the Government Recognized Typing Certification while staying up with the latest developments in the space.

As the utilization of computers started booming, she started a computer training institute named “Pranit Computer Education” in 2001. Starting with 5 computers in the training institute now the institute has a well-furnished training center with 28+ computers.


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- Rajashree Nagare

Pranit Computer Education

Established in 2001, affiliated with  Tally India Pvt. Ltd. as  Tally Academy since  2006. Provides various IT Education and Govt. recognized certification courses. Authorized learning centre for Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.

Chhaya Commercial Institute

Established in 1971 Govt. Recognized Computer Typing. Govt. Recognized computer typing courses. GCC-TBC- (Government Commercial Certificate in Typing Basic Computer.


She came to Mumbai, completed B.Ed from Kapila khandwala college of Education – Juhu Mumbai.

She used to take tuition classes for 8th, 9th, 10th, and typing classes. Simultaneously cleared
exams of typing English, Marathi, and Hindi for 50 wpm and 40 wpm.

Later due to being overburdened and having family responsibilities she stopped taking tuition classes. And decided to proceed with typing classes.


She learned computer courses and started a computer training institute “Pranit Computer Education” with 5 computers. Initially, she faced difficulties to establish this new trend.

2001 till date

Associated with NGO – BHARATIYA STREE SHAKTI throughout the 2 decades. Engaged in contributing to various activities of BSS. Presently working on the post of Vice-President and Treasurer for the Mumbai region. 



No words can really complete to capture & explore the joyous feelings in my heart , as I completed the MS CIT course in Pranit computer Education. I know how challenging it is running a Computer coaching class and appreciate the enormous effort put in by you and your team , even facing t present odd pandemic situation .
Hats off to you and your team & with warm regards for future dreams . 💐👏

Sunil A Tatekar

No words can really completely capture the joyous feelings in my heart as I completed the MSCIT course in Pranit Computer Centre. I know how challenging it is to run a small centre and appreciate the enormous effort put in by you and your team. Hats off to you and your team.

Sister Bindu Joseph

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